Product Features


The H-Server is server-side software for the remote management of large scale deployments of applications in high-risk client environments exposed to malware attacks. It lets you deploy, configure, control and monitor the client-side installations with a high level of detail and flexibility. It is a cost-effective, highly scalable server platform with advanced remote management capabilities supporting a large number of client-side configurations and hardware platforms.

Ideally suited for enterprise and financial service deployments, the H-Server™ allows consolidating security-sensitive client applications and services onto a single scalable, highly reliable enterprise-class platform.

  • Available as a standalone cluster installation or as SaaS in-the-Cloud deployment.
  • Manages selected applications running on host PCs under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, as software only installations or provided on secure USB tokens, including devices equipped with Smart Card (e.g. Safenet, Crealogix) and biometric sensor (e.g. Imation).
  • Allows controlling and enhancing the End-Users’ online experience by monitoring the endpoints’ activity and deploying new client components or features faster and more efficiently.
  • Prevents and responds to malware attacks by proactively pushing security updates using timely information on active threats observed in the wild.
  • Leverages best-of-class PKI technologies to guarantee highly efficient and secure service levels.
  • Protects investments in IT infrastructure by minimizing risks from client-side malware attacks and exercising reasonable care in protecting the End-Users’ online experience.
  • Management Console accessible via any standard Web browser including Opera, Safari and Chrome.
  • Detailed auditing of all actions performed by the H-Server operators.
  • Supports multi-customer management, allowing separate logins to the Management Console for handling endpoints and applications according to different needs and business requirements.
  • (Optional) Strong multi-factor and certificate-based authentication to the Management Console
  • (Optional) User Interface of the management console customized based on corporate branding guidelines.

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Server System Requirements

Processor IBM PC or compatible with Intel base processors
Intel Pentium 4 800-MHz or higher
(Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended)
Memory 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM (2GB recommended)
Operating System RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.6 (32/64bit editions)
Operating System RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.6 (32/64bit editions)
Pre-Installed Applications Java Development Kit 6
Oracle Instant Client with SQLPLUS
JBoss 4.2.3 GA or JBoss EAP 4.3.0 GA CP09
Apache 2.2 - PHP for Apache 5.3 with GNU Gettext and Update progress extension
Perl 5.8+.x interpreter (to run the H-Server Installer)

Client System Requirements

Web Browser Internet Explorer 7.0.x (9.0.x recommended)
Opera 8.0.x (11.0.x recommended)
Mozilla Firefox 2.0.x (9.0.x recommended)
Apple Safari 4.0.x (5.0.x recommended)
Google Chrome 9.0.x.x (15.x.x.x recommended)
Display Resolution 1024*768 (1280*1024 recommended)
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