Product Features


The H-Files is a comprehensive and portable information management system, designed to keep sensitive data confidential and always protected. It allows storing any number of files and folders inside of an encrypted file system (AES256 at the file block level) such that browsing the encrypted data is unintelligible to the operating system of the host PC and to malware.

The H-Files application allows managing and viewing the encrypted files in a large number of formats without the need to release control to external applications which may expose the content to attacks or privacy breaches. One can read a PDF document, view a TIFF file, or a JPEG image without leaving the protected H-Files environment. Extended features allow digitally signing and time stamping of files according to legally binding protocols.

  • Zero-footprint (no prior installation, special drivers or admin privileges required to run on the host PC)
  • Available as a software-only downloadable application or integrated with secure USB tokens, including devices equipped with Smart Card (e.g. Safenet, Crealogix) and biometric sensor (e.g. Imation)
  • Fully integrated with the H-Login module, providing active protections against all major attack vectors exploited by financial malware, including keystroke/mouse logging, screen capture and code injection.
  • Application files and resources are kept inside of encrypted containers, never exposed to attackers and loaded in memory only at run time after full integrity checks.
  • Files and folders are encrypted at the data block level AES256.
  • Secure View feature allows viewing files without exposing contents to external applications. Supported formats include: PDF, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, TIFF, XBM, XPM.
  • User interface localized in English, French, German, Italian. Additional languages available upon request.
  • (Optional) Supports PKCS#7 and PDF digital signing and verification with RSA2048 SHA-256.
  • (Optional) Supports Time Stamping request and verification, complying with RFC3161 and RFC5544.
  • (Optional) User Interface customized based on corporate branding guidelines.
  • (Optional) Integrated with the centralized cloud-based management, allowing to receive Proactive Security Updates from the H-Server and to block access to the H-Browser resources and data.

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System Requirements

Processor IBM PC or compatible with Intel base processors
Intel Pentium 4 800-MHz or higher
(Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended)
Memory 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM (2GB recommended)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 or higher
Microsoft® Windows® VISTA all versions
Microsoft® Windows® 7 all versions
Mac OSX 10.6.x and higher
Display 1024 x 768 resolution, 65 536 colors minimum
(32-bit color recommended)
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