Product Features


The H-Browser is a hardened Web browser specifically designed at the architectural level for securing Internet transactions and intended to work as a single-purpose security application. At the same time, the H-Browser feels and operates just as any standard Web browser, without impacting the user experience.

Critical sections of the H-Browser executable code are modified (virtualized) at the level of the original processor commands, converting these into new byte code unknown to the operating system’s processors. This forces hackers to operate in unknown territory, having to develop new tools for analyzing and decompiling the virtualized byte code.

The specific implementation details of the internal virtual machine can be changed (polymorphs) across different builds of the H-Browser executable code, preventing the scalability of malware attacks.

  • Zero-footprint (no prior installation, special drivers or admin privileges required to run on the host PC)
  • Available as a software-only downloadable application or integrated with secure USB tokens, including devices with a Smart Card (e.g. Safenet, Crealogix) and biometric sensor (e.g. Imation).
  • Fully integrated with the H-Login module, providing active protections against all major attack vectors exploited by financial malware, including keystroke/mouse logging, screen capture and code injection.
  • Application files and resources are kept inside of encrypted containers, never exposed to attackers and loaded in memory only at run time after full integrity checks.
  • Certified for use against Man in the Browser attacks by IndenTrust, the global leader in identity solutions for financial institutions (www.identrust.com). Transaction signing is supported via the integrated locked ISPI plug-in component.
  • Enforces integrity checks on Web form entries, preventing on-the-fly memory attacks to critical fields.
  • Supports Java Script and Adobe Flash (Optional).
  • Allows connecting only to the web sites hard coded in the internal Access Control List (ACL). The target web sites are checked at the URL, IP address and certificate fingerprint levels before any connection is enabled. The ACL can be adapted and updated according to customer requirements.
  • User interface localized in English, French, German, Italian. Additional languages available upon request.
  • (Optional) User Interface customized based on corporate branding guidelines.
  • (Optional) Integrated with the centralized cloud-based management, allowing to receive Proactive Security Updates from the H-Server and to block access to the H-Browser resources and data.

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System Requirements

Processor IBM PC or compatible with Intel base processors
Intel Pentium 4 800-MHz or higher
(Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended)
Memory 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM (2GB recommended)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 or higher
Microsoft® Windows® VISTA all versions
Microsoft® Windows® 7 all versions
Mac OSX 10.6.x and higher
Display 1024 x 768 resolution, 65 536 colors minimum
(32-bit color recommended)
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