mTan & OOB Methods

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In this video, we show the vulnerability of out-of-band (OOB) transaction validation techniques, and in particular mTan methods. The hackers employ social engineering and interface manipulation vectors to trick the user in believing that he is communicating with the Bank security staff while instead he is validating a fraudulent transaction.

mTan & OOB Methods

mTan & OOB Methods more

Social Engineering & Interface Manipulation

Social Engineering & Interface Manipulation more

Static Code Dumping & Patching

Static Code Dumping & Patching more

Screen Capturing

Screen Capturing more

PDF Form Spoofing

PDF Form Spoofing more

Dynamic Code Dumping And Patching

Attack whereby malware uses DLL-injection more

Window Overlay and Event Emulation

Window Overlay and Event Emulation more

Keystroke and Event Emulation

Common attack scenario which uses the keystroke and mouse event more

Session Hijacking

How a Hacker can hijack an active browsing session more

Keystroke and Mouse Logging

How to retrieve personal and transaction information more